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PSoC™ 6 MCU overview
The PSoC™ 6 microcontroller (MCU) family is a range of general-purpose MCUs built on an ultra-low-power architecture ideal for battery-operated, low-power applications including embedded IoT applications.
PSoC™ 6 datasheets
Device datasheets provide a technical overview of the device that includes the key features, hardware architecture, on-chip peripherals, various sub-systems, and package details. Electrical specifications of the device are also provided in the datasheet.
PSoC™ 6 software tools
ModusToolbox™ software is a modern, extensible development environment supporting a wide range of Infineon microcontroller devices including PSoC 6. This section includes all the documentation relevant to ModusToolbox™.
PSoC™ 6 code examples
PSoC™ 6 application notes
Application notes cover a broad range of topics, from basic to advanced level concepts in the PSoC™ 6 platform. This section includes all the application notes available for PSoC™ 6 platform.
PSoC™ 6 development kits
Infineon provides a broad portfolio of hardware development kits to aid in the rapid prototyping and evaluation of PSoC™ 6 MCU based applications. All the kits are supported in the ModusToolbox™ software through board support packages (BSP) and hundreds of validated code examples.
Other PSoC™ 6 documents
Links to various PSoC™ 6 documents outside of this document set. This includes technical reference manuals; CAD, BSDL, and IBIS files; and knowledge base articles.
PSoC™ CAD, BSDL, and IBIS files
CAD, BDSL, and IBIS files can be used in various tools to help engineers design, test, and debug devices that integrate PSoC™ 6 products.
PSoC™ 6 technical reference manuals
A technical reference manual (TRM) provides detailed technical information on a device family. Architecture TRMs provide a functional description of the various sub-blocks in the device including block features, architecture, and use cases. Register TRMs provide a register level description of the user accessible registers in the device.
Knowledge base articles
PSoC™ 6 related knowledge base articles on community.infineon.com