Read/Write Data IO Control Values

group group_dfu_macro_ioctl

The values of the ctl parameter to the Cy_DFU_ReadData() and Cy_DFU_WriteData() functions.

  • Bit 0:

    • 0, Normal read or write operations.

    • 1, Erase a memory page for write operations. Compare a memory page with the data in the buffer for read operation.

  • Bit 1:

    • 0, Read or write with raw data

    • 1, Data received from/to be sent to the DFU Host. May require encryption/decryption or any other special treatment. E.g. read/write a data from/to an address with an offset.

  • Bit 2: Reserved.

  • Bit 3: Reserved.

  • Bit 4 - 31: Unused in DFU SDK. Up to the user to specify it.



Read data into the buffer.


Compare read data with the data in the buffer.


Write the buffer to communication.


Erase memory page.


Data from/to DFU Host.

It may require decryption.