OTA Structures

group group_ota_structures

Structures used for passing information to and from OTA Agent.

Structures used for network connection and OTA Agent behavior.

struct cy_ota_storage_write_info_t
#include <>

Struct to hold information on where to write the data.

Information on where to store the downloaded chunk of the OTA image.

struct cy_ota_http_params_t
#include <>

OTA HTTP-specific connection parameters.

struct cy_ota_mqtt_params_t
#include <>

OTA MQTT-specific connection parameters.

struct cy_ota_cb_struct_t
#include <>

Structure passed to the callback.

This holds read/write data for the application to adjust various things in the callback. The callback is not in an interrupt context, but try to keep it quick! After your function returns, this structure is not available.

struct cy_ota_network_params_t
#include <>

OTA Connection parameters structure.

This information is used for MQTT and HTTP connections.

struct cy_ota_agent_params_t
#include <>

OTA Agent parameters structure.

These parameters are for describing some aspects of the OTA Agent.