API Reference

Provides the list of API Reference

High-level Functions

High-level functions represent the highest abstraction layer of the CapSense middleware

Low-level Functions

The Low-level functions represent the lower layer of abstraction in support of High-level Functions

CapSense Data Structure

The CapSense Data Structure organizes configuration parameters, input, and output data shared among different FW modules within the CapSense

CapSense Structures

The CapSense structures

Gesture Structures

The Gesture-related structures

Enumerated Types

Documents CapSense related enumerated types


Specifies constants used in CapSense middleware

General Macros

General macros

Middleware State Macros

Middleware state macros

Status Macros

Status macros

Settings Macros

Settings macros

Pin-related Macros

Pin-related macros

Processing Macros

Processing macros

Touch-related Macros

Touch-related macros

Gesture Macros

Gesture macros

Miscellaneous Macros

Miscellaneous macros

Built-in Self-test Macros

Built-in Self-test macros


Callbacks allow the user to execute Custom code called from the CapSense middleware when an event occurs