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The CLib FreeRTOS Support Library provides the necessary hooks to make C library functions such as malloc and free thread safe. This implementation is specific to FreeRTOS and requires it to be present to build. For details on what this library provides see the toolchain specific documentation at:

The startup code must call cy_toolchain_init (for GCC and IAR). This must occur after static data initialization and before static constructors. This is done automatically for PSoC devices. See the PSoC startup files for an example.

To enable Thread Local Storage, configUSE_NEWLIB_REENTRANT must be enabled.

While this is specific to FreeRTOS, it can be used as a basis for supporting other RTOSes as well.


To use this library, the following configuration options must be enabled in FreeRTOSConfig.h:

  • configUSE_MUTEXES



When building with IAR, the ‘—threaded_lib’ argument must also be provided when linking. This is done automatically with psoc6make 1.3.1 and later.


  • GCC Newlib implementations for:

    • _sbrk

    • __malloc_lock

    • __malloc_unlock

    • __env_lock

    • __env_unlock

  • ARM C library implementations for:

    • _platform_post_stackheap_init

    • __user_perthread_libspace

    • _mutex_initialize

    • _mutex_acquire

    • _mutex_release

    • _mutex_free

    • _sys_exit

    • $Sub$$_sys_open

    • _ttywrch

    • _sys_command_string

  • IAR C library implementations for:

    • __aeabi_read_tp

    • _reclaim_reent

    • __iar_system_Mtxinit

    • __iar_system_Mtxlock

    • __iar_system_Mtxunlock

    • __iar_system_Mtxdst

    • __iar_file_Mtxinit

    • __iar_file_Mtxlock

    • __iar_file_Mtxunlock

    • __iar_file_Mtxdst

    • __iar_Initdynamiclock

    • __iar_Lockdynamiclock

    • __iar_Unlockdynamiclock

    • __iar_Dstdynamiclock

    • __close

    • __lseek

    • remove

  • C++ implementations for:

    • __cxa_guard_acquire

    • __cxa_guard_abort

    • __cxa_guard_release

  • time function implementation from time.h

Time Support Details

When using the HAL (CY_USING_HAL defined) the time function returns the time in seconds from microcontroller Real-Time Clock (RTC). Additionally, functions cy_set_rtc_instance and cy_get_rtc_instance are provided to interact with the RTC instance used. There are two ways to set this up.

  1. Setup using an existing RTC instance:

    • Application initializes RTC using cyhal_rtc_init API

    • Application writes the current time to RTC using cyhal_rtc_write API

    • Application sets the RTC instance using cy_set_rtc_instance API

    • Application calls time function to get the time from RTC

  2. Allow time to initialize the RTC instance:

    • Application calls time function to get the time from RTC. The time function will initializes RTC

    • Application can get the RTC instance using cy_get_rtc_instance API

    • Application can write the current time to RTC using cyhal_rtc_write API

NOTE: In either flow, until the application calls cyhal_rtc_write the RTC will only be initialized with a default time. This means that time deltas will be accurate, but absolute times will not have any relation to the real time.

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