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The microphone uses the HAL PDM_PCM driver for its initialization.

There is no custom driver for this hardware.

Microphone Setup

To enable the microphone on the shield, these steps must be performed:

  1. Initialize a PLL

  2. Initialize the audio subsystem clock

  3. Configure the PDM support system


For the microphone, there are two parameters passed to the shield initialization function:

  • cyhal_clock_t* - audio_clock in the example code below

  • cyhal_pdm_pcm_cfg_t* - configuration settings to use for the PDM


If either of these are NULL, the microphone will not be enabled.

1. Initialize the PLL


This example code is for a PSoC 6 device.

cyhal_clock_allocate(&pll_clock, CYHAL_CLOCK_BLOCK_PLL);
cyhal_clock_set_frequency(&pll_clock, <AUDIO_SYS_CLOCK_HZ>, NULL);
cyhal_clock_set_enabled(&pll_clock, true, true);

The value for <AUDIO_SYS_CLOCK_HZ> is discussed below. A typical value is 16384000.

2. Initialize the audio subsystem clock


This example code is for a PSoC 6 device.

cyhal_clock_get(&audio_clock, & &lt;AUDIO_CLOCK_RESOURCE&gt;);
cyhal_clock_set_source(&audio_clock, &pll_clock);
cyhal_clock_set_enabled(&audio_clock, true, true);

An appropriate setting for <AUDIO_CLOCK_RESOURCE> is CYHAL_CLOCK_HF[1].

3. Configure the PDM support system

This involves setting the values in the cyhal_pdm_pcm_cfg_t structure. It also involves setting the value of <AUDIO_SYS_CLOCK_HZ>, referred to in example code above.

left_gain, right_gain - Typically set to 0. May be set to other values to implement some sort of volume control.

decimation_rate - Typically set to 32. May be changed to oversample the PDM for non-voice applications. Or to downsample for low power conditions. For example, implementing some kind of pink-noise wake-up.

mode - Typically set to CYHAL_PDM_PCM_MODE_STEREO.

sample_rate and <AUDIO_SYS_CLOCK_HZ> - For many applications, setting the sample_rate to 8000 (Hz) and setting <AUDIO_SYS_CLOCK_HZ> to 16384000 will be appropriate.

The most common audio sample rates are 8, 16, 32, 44.1, and 48 Ksps.

The minimum frequency for the PLL on PSoC 6 is 12.5 MHz. The value of <AUDIO_SYS_CLOCK_HZ> is determined by the sample_rate multiplied by the decimation_rate multiplied by some value (X) that makes the result greater than 12.5 MHz. So, X needs to be at least 64. And that means that the minimum clock frequency from the PLL to achieve the standard sample rates is 16.384 MHz.

More information can be found here:

www.cypress.com/file/399201/download, chapter 29