BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)

group gatt_le

BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Specific functions.


wiced_bool_t wiced_bt_gatt_le_connect(wiced_bt_device_address_t bd_addr, wiced_bt_ble_address_type_t bd_addr_type, wiced_bt_ble_conn_mode_t conn_mode, wiced_bool_t is_direct)

Open GATT over LE connection to a remote device Result is notified using GATT_CONNECTION_STATUS_EVT of wiced_bt_gatt_cback_t.

NOTE : If is_direct = WICED_FALSE, it will create background connection. Default Background connection type is BTM_BLE_CONN_NONE. Before calling wiced_bt_gatt_le_connect please set background connection type (AUTO / SELECTIVE) using wiced_bt_ble_set_background_connection_type API

  • bd_addr[in] : Remote device address

  • bd_addr_type[in] Public or random address

  • conn_mode[in] : connection scan mode

  • is_direct[in] : Is direct connection or not


TRUE : If connection started FALSE : If connection start failure

wiced_bool_t wiced_bt_gatt_listen(wiced_bool_t start, wiced_bt_device_address_t bd_addr, wiced_bt_ble_address_type_t type)

Start or stop LE advertisement and listen for connection.

  • start[in] : TRUE to add device to Filter Accept List / FALSE to remove

  • bd_addr[in] : Device to add/remove from Filter Accept List

  • type[in] : Address type of bd_addr


TRUE : Success FALSE : Failure