API Reference

The following provides a list of API documentation

Logical Link Control and Adaptation Protocol (L2CAP)

Logical Link Control and Adaptation Layer Protocol, referred to as L2CAP, provides connection oriented and connectionless data services to upper layer protocols with protocol multiplexing capability and segmentation and reassembly operation

Device Management

This section consists of several management entities:

Advertisement & Scan

This section provides functions for BLE advertisement and BLE scan operations

Connection and Whitelist

This section provides functions for BLE connection related and whitelist operations


This section provides functionality to read and update PHY


This section describes Multiple Advertisement API, using this interface application can enable more than one advertisement train


This sections provides Bluetooth utilities functions related to trace, local bda, tx power etc

BLE Security

BLE Security API

Bluetooth Stack Initialize & Configuration

This section describes API and Data structures required to initialize and configure the BT-Stack

Generic Attribute (GATT)

Generic Attribute (GATT) Functions

Server API

BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Specific functions

GATT Server Data API

GATT Server Data API

GATT Database

GATT Database Access Functions

GATT Robust Caching

GATT Robust Caching API

Client API

GATT Profile Client Functions

Connection API

GATT Profile Connection Functions



Bluetooth Stack Platform Interface

Interface between Stack and platform

Memory Management

Helper APIs to create heaps and pools and allocate/free buffers from those pools or heaps

Common Bluetooth definitions

Common Bluetooth definitions

Wiced BT Types


WICED result

Result types See wiced_result.h

Timer Management Services

Defines the interfaces for Timer Management Services