struct cy_stc_crypto_rsa_pub_key_t

All fields for the context structure are internal.

Firmware never reads or writes these values. Firmware allocates the structure and provides the address of the structure to the driver in the function calls. Firmware must ensure that the defined instance of this structure remains in scope while the drive is in use.

The driver uses this structure to store and manipulate the RSA public key and additional coefficients to accelerate RSA calculation.

RSA key contained from two fields:

  • n - modulus part of the key

  • e - exponent part of the key.

Other fields are accelerating coefficients and can be calculated by Cy_Crypto_Rsa_CalcCoefs.


The modulus and exponent values in the cy_stc_crypto_rsa_pub_key_t must also be in little-endian order.
Use Cy_Crypto_InvertEndianness function to convert to or from little-endian order.