MTB CAT1 Peripheral driver library Documentation

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MTB CAT1 PDL provides low level device drivers for CAT1A family of devices which are also known as PSOC6 family of devices. The complete list of CAT1A devices provided here. Any reference to CAT1A devices refers to PSOC6 devices and vice versa.

The PDL integrates device header files, startup code, and peripheral drivers into a single package. The PDL supports the PSoC 6 device family. The drivers abstract the hardware functions into a set of easy-to-use APIs. These are fully documented in the PDL API Reference.

The PDL reduces the need to understand register usage and bit structures, thus easing software development for the extensive set of peripherals in the PSoC 6 series. You configure the driver for your application, and then use API calls to initialize and use the peripheral. This documentation provides technical information on each supported peripheral driver, including:

  • Configuration considerations

  • Macros

  • Functions

  • Global variables

  • Data structures

  • Enumerated types

The PDL conforms to the ANSI C99 standard.


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