Global Variables

group group_system_config_globals


uint32_t SystemCoreClock

Holds the SlowClk (Cortex-M0+) or FastClk (Cortex-M4) system core clock, which is the system clock frequency supplied to the SysTick timer and the processor core clock.

This variable implements CMSIS Core global variable. Refer to the CMSIS documentation for more details. This variable can be used by debuggers to query the frequency of the debug timer or to configure the trace clock speed.


Compilers must be configured to avoid removing this variable in case the application program is not using it. Debugging systems require the variable to be physically present in memory so that it can be examined to configure the debugger.

uint32_t cy_BleEcoClockFreqHz

Holds the Alternate high frequency clock in Hz.

Updated by Cy_BLE_EcoConfigure().

uint32_t cy_Hfclk0FreqHz

Holds the HFClk0 clock frequency.

Updated by SystemCoreClockUpdate().

uint32_t cy_PeriClkFreqHz

Holds the PeriClk clock frequency.

Updated by SystemCoreClockUpdate().