Enumerated Types

group group_sysclk_clk_peripheral_enums


enum en_clk_dst_t

en_clk_dst_t: The enumerated type that represents a particular peripheral, used when assigning a peripheral to a peripheral clock divider. These values are device-specific. Refer to a device-specific header file, e.g. <PDL_DIR>/devices/include/psoc6_01_config.h for the specific enumerations for each peripheral for that device.


enum cy_en_divider_types_t

cy_en_divider_types_t: Programmable clock divider types.


enumerator CY_SYSCLK_DIV_8_BIT

Divider Type is an 8 bit divider.

enumerator CY_SYSCLK_DIV_16_BIT

Divider Type is a 16 bit divider.

enumerator CY_SYSCLK_DIV_16_5_BIT

Divider Type is a 16.5 bit fractional divider.

enumerator CY_SYSCLK_DIV_24_5_BIT

Divider Type is a 24.5 bit fractional divider.