Data Structures

group group_sysanalog_data_structures
struct cy_stc_sysanalog_config_t
#include <>

Structure to configure the entire AREF block.

Public Members

cy_en_sysanalog_startup_t startup

AREF normal or fast start.

cy_en_sysanalog_iztat_source_t iztat

AREF 1uA IZTAT source: Local or SRSS.

cy_en_sysanalog_vref_source_t vref

AREF Vref: Local, SRSS, or external pin.

cy_en_sysanalog_deep_sleep_t deepSleep

AREF Deep Sleep mode.

struct cy_stc_sysanalog_deep_sleep_config_t
#include <>

Structure to configure PASS_ver2 Deep Sleep features such as Low Power Oscillator, Deep Sleep Clock, Timer.

Public Members

cy_en_sysanalog_lposc_deep_sleep_mode_t lpOscDsMode

Low Power Oscillator Deep Sleep mode.

cy_en_sysanalog_deep_sleep_clock_sel_t dsClkSource

Deep Sleep Clock source select.

cy_en_sysanalog_deep_sleep_clock_div_t dsClkdivider

Deep Sleep Clock divider.

cy_en_sysanalog_timer_clock_t timerClock

Timer Clock source select.

uint32_t timerPeriod

Timer period.

Range 1..65536