Data Structures

group group_seglcd_data_structures
struct cy_stc_seglcd_config_t
#include <>

Configuration structure.

Public Members

cy_en_seglcd_speed_t speed

Speed mode selection, see: cy_en_seglcd_speed_t.

cy_en_seglcd_wave_t wave

Waveform type configuration, see: cy_en_seglcd_wave_t.

cy_en_seglcd_drive_t drive

Driving mode configuration, see: cy_en_seglcd_drive_t.

cy_en_seglcd_bias_t bias

PWM bias selection, see: cy_en_seglcd_bias_t.

cy_en_seglcd_lsclk_t lsClk

Low Speed Mode clock selection, see: cy_en_seglcd_lsclk_t.

This is effective for MXLCD_ver2, for MXLCD_ver1 it is ignored.

uint8_t comNum

The number of Common connections, the valid range is 2…16 however the maximum is dependent on PSoC device family - there could be limitation to 4 or 8 commons, see the device TRM.

uint8_t frRate

The LCD frame rate, the valid range is 30…150.

uint8_t contrast

The LCD contrast, the valid range is 0…100.

uint32_t clkFreq

The LCD clock frequency (ignored for CY_SEGLCD_LSCLK_LF mode, or in CY_SEGLCD_SPEED_LOW mode for MXLCD_ver1), the valid range is 10000…100000000 (Hz)

struct cy_stc_seglcd_font_t
#include <>

Font structure.

Public Members

char_t first

The first character code in the fontMap array.

char_t last

The last character code in the fontMap array.

bool ascii

Specifies whether the font map is indexed accordingly to ASCII character codes: true - the font is ASCII-coded alphanumeric (e.g.

a basic set “space” (ASCII 0x20) - “tilde”(ASCII 0x7E)); false - the font is e.g. pure numeric (0x0…0xF only), or any other custom character set.

uint8_t const *fontMap

The pointer to the font segment/pixel map array.

struct cy_stc_seglcd_disp_t
#include <>

Display structure.

Public Members

uint16_t type

The display type, one of cy_en_seglcd_disp_t or custom.

uint16_t symNum

The number of symbols (digits, characters).

bool invert

Specifies whether the display is inverted or not.

uint32_t const *pixMap

The pointer to the display pixel map array: The array dimension is: uint32_t pixMap[symNum][type].

Each array item should be made using the CY_SEGLCD_PIXEL macro.

cy_stc_seglcd_font_t const *font

The pointer to the font structure suitable for this display.

Note that for the CY_SEGLCD_BAR displays font is not used, so can be NULL.