Data Structures

group group_profile_data_structures


typedef cy_stc_profile_ctr_t *cy_stc_profile_ctr_ptr_t

Pointer to a structure holding the status information for a profile counter.

struct cy_stc_profile_ctr_ctl_t
#include <>

Profile counter control register structure.

For each counter, holds the CTL register fields.

Public Members

cy_en_profile_duration_t cntDuration

0 = event; 1 = duration

cy_en_profile_ref_clk_t refClkSel

The reference clock used by the counter.

en_ep_mon_sel_t monSel

The monitor signal to be observed by the counter.

struct cy_stc_profile_ctr_t
#include <>

Software structure for holding a profile counter status and configuration information.

Public Members

uint8_t ctrNum

Profile counter number.

uint8_t used

0 = available; 1 = used

cy_stc_profile_ctr_ctl_t ctlRegVals

Initial counter CTL register settings.


Base address of the counter instance registers.

uint32_t ctlReg

Current CTL register value.

uint32_t cntReg

Current CNT register value.

uint32_t overflow

Extension of cntReg to form a 64-bit counter value.

uint32_t weight

Weighting factor for the counter.