Data Structures

group group_gpio_data_structures
struct GPIO_PRT_Type
#include <>

struct cy_stc_gpio_prt_config_t
#include <>

This structure is used to initialize a port of GPIO pins.

Public Members

uint32_t out

Initial output data for the IO pins in the port.

uint32_t intrMask

Interrupt enable mask for the port interrupt.

uint32_t intrCfg

Port pin interrupt edge detection configuration.

uint32_t cfg

Port pin drive modes and input buffer enable configuration.

uint32_t cfgIn

Port pin input buffer configuration.

uint32_t cfgOut

Port pin output buffer configuration.

uint32_t cfgSIO

Port SIO pins configuration.

uint32_t sel0Active

HSIOM selection for port pins 0,1,2,3.

uint32_t sel1Active

HSIOM selection for port pins 4,5,6,7.

struct cy_stc_gpio_pin_config_t
#include <>

This structure is used to initialize a single GPIO pin.

Public Members

uint32_t outVal

Pin output state.

uint32_t driveMode

Drive mode.

en_hsiom_sel_t hsiom

HSIOM selection.

uint32_t intEdge

Interrupt Edge type.

uint32_t intMask

Interrupt enable mask.

uint32_t vtrip

Input buffer voltage trip type.

uint32_t slewRate

Output buffer slew rate.

uint32_t driveSel

Drive strength.

uint32_t vregEn

SIO pair output buffer mode.

uint32_t ibufMode

SIO pair input buffer mode.

uint32_t vtripSel

SIO pair input buffer trip point.

uint32_t vrefSel

SIO pair reference voltage for input buffer trip point.

uint32_t vohSel

SIO pair regulated voltage output level.