Enumerated Types

group group_csd_enums


enum cy_en_csd_status_t

cy_en_csd_status_t: CSD status definitions.


enumerator CY_CSD_SUCCESS


enumerator CY_CSD_BAD_PARAM

One or more invalid parameters.

enumerator CY_CSD_BUSY

The CSD HW block performs conversion.

enumerator CY_CSD_LOCKED

The CSD HW block is captured by another middleware.

enum cy_en_csd_key_t

cy_en_csd_key_t: Definitions of upper level keys that use the driver.

Each middleware has a unique key assigned. When middleware successfully captures the CSD HW block, this key is placed into the CSD driver context structure. All attempts to capture the CSD HW block by other middleware are rejected. When the first middleware releases the CSD HW block, CY_CSD_NONE_KEY is written to the lockKey variable of the CSD driver context structure and any other middleware can capture the CSD HW block.


enumerator CY_CSD_NONE_KEY

The CSD HW block is unused and not captured by any middleware.


The CSD HW block is captured by the application program directly to implement a customer’s specific case.


The CSD HW block is captured by a CapSense middleware.

enumerator CY_CSD_ADC_KEY

The CSD HW block is captured by a ADC middleware.

enumerator CY_CSD_IDAC_KEY

The CSD HW block is captured by a IDAC middleware.

enumerator CY_CSD_CMP_KEY

The CSD HW block is captured by a CMP middleware.