TDM (Time Division Multiplexing)

group group_hal_impl_tdm

The CAT1 (PSoC 6) TDM Supports the following values for word lengths:

  • 8 bits

  • 10 bits (CAT1B only)

  • 12 bits (CAT1B only)

  • 14 bits (CAT1B only)

  • 16 bits

  • 18 bits

  • 20 bits

  • 24 bits

  • 32 bits

On CAT1A devices, the only supported channel length is 32 bits. On CAT1B devices, the channel length may be any value greater than or equal to the word length and less than or equal to 32 bits.

On CAT1A devices, up to 8 channels are supported. On CAT1B devices, the number of supported channels is specified by the TDM_NR<n>_CH_NR macros. Disabling channels (so that they are included in the sequencing but ignored) is only supported on CAT1B devices.

The sclk signal is formed by integer division of the input clock source (either internally provided or from the mclk pin). The CAT1A TDM supports sclk divider values from 1 to 64. On CAT1B devices, the TDM supports sclk divider values from 2 to 256.

The following events are not supported on CAT1B: