System Power Management

group group_hal_impl_syspm

The CAT1 (PSoC 6) Power Management has the following characteristics: CYHAL_SYSPM_SYSTEM_NORMAL equates to the Low Power modeCYHAL_SYSPM_SYSTEM_LOW equates to the Ultra Low Power mode.

Switching the System into Ultra Low Power

Before switching into system Ultra Low Power mode, ensure that the device meets the requirements below:

  • The core regulator voltage is set to 0.9 V (nominal) and the following limitations must be meet:

  • The maximum operating frequency for all Clk_HF paths must not exceed 50* MHz

  • The maximum operating frequency for peripheral and slow clock must not exceed 25* MHz.

  • The total current consumption must be less than or equal to 20* mA

  • Flash write operations are prohibited. Flash is Read-only in this mode.


* - Numbers shown are approximate and real limit values may be different because they are device specific. You should refer to the device datasheet for exact values of maximum frequency and current in system ULP mode.