SDHC (SD Host Controller)

group group_hal_impl_sdhc

The SHDC HAL implemenation for PSoC 6 provides implementations for the following weak functions specified by the PDL to make their usage in SDHC HAL driver more flexible by providing user ability to use card detect, write protect, pwr en, and io select signals on custom pins instead of dedicated SDHC block pins.

  • Cy_SD_Host_IsCardConnected

  • Cy_SD_Host_IsWpSet

  • Cy_SD_Host_EnableCardVoltage

  • Cy_SD_Host_DisableCardVoltage

  • Cy_SD_Host_ChangeIoVoltage In order to disable these implementations, the define CYHAL_DISABLE_WEAK_FUNC_IMPL (DEFINES+=CYHAL_DISABLE_WEAK_FUNC_IMPL) must be set when building the application.