group group_hal_impl_pin_package

Definitions for the pinout for each supported device.


enum cyhal_port_t

cyhal_port_t: Port definitions that individual pins can belong to.


enumerator CYHAL_PORT_0
enumerator CYHAL_PORT_1
enumerator CYHAL_PORT_2
enumerator CYHAL_PORT_3
enumerator CYHAL_PORT_4
enumerator CYHAL_PORT_5
enumerator CYHAL_PORT_6
enumerator CYHAL_PORT_7
enumerator CYHAL_PORT_8
enumerator CYHAL_PORT_9
enumerator CYHAL_PORT_10
enumerator CYHAL_PORT_11
enumerator CYHAL_PORT_12
enumerator CYHAL_PORT_13
enumerator CYHAL_PORT_14
enumerator CYHAL_PORT_15
enumerator CYHAL_PORT_16
enumerator CYHAL_PORT_17
enumerator CYHAL_PORT_18
enumerator CYHAL_PORT_19
enumerator CYHAL_PORT_20