EAPOL Functions

group group_wifimwcore_eapol_functions

  • Provides functions which application or library can use to register and de-register.

  • These APIs are generally used by enterprise security library.


typedef void (*cy_wifimwcore_eapol_packet_handler_t)(whd_interface_t whd_iface, whd_buffer_t buffer)

EAPOL packet handler function pointer type; On recieving EAPOL data, WHD will send the data to WiFi Middleware Core.

The buffer should be freed by EAPOL handler.

  • interface[in] WHD interface.

  • buffer[in] buffer received from WHD.


cy_rslt_t cy_wifimwcore_eapol_register_receive_handler(cy_wifimwcore_eapol_packet_handler_t eapol_packet_handler)

This API allows registering callback functions to receive EAPOL packets from WHD.

If callback is registered and received packet is EAPOL packet then it will be directly redirected to registered callback. passing “NULL” as handler will de-register the previously registered callback


eapol_packet_handler[in] : Callback function to be invoked when eapol packets are recieved from WHD.


CY_RSLT_SUCCESS if the registration was successful; returns WiFi middleware specific error codes otherwise.