WiFi Host Driver Board Support Package Integration

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This library provides some convenience functions for connecting the WiFi Host Driver (WHD) library to a Board Support Package (BSP) that includes a WLAN chip. This library initializes the hardware and passes a reference to the communication interface on the board into WHD. It also sets up the LwIP based network buffers to be used for sending packets back and forth.

Getting Started

To use this library:

  1. Implement the cy_network_process_ethernet_data() function. This should be something similar to the example below.

    /* This needs to be the same item as passed to netifapi_netif_add() */
    static struct netif *default_interface = NULL;
    void cy_network_process_ethernet_data(whd_interface_t iface, whd_buffer_t buf)
        if (default_interface != NULL)
            if (default_interface->input(buf, default_interface) != ERR_OK)
                cy_buffer_release(buf, WHD_NETWORK_RX);
            cy_buffer_release(buf, WHD_NETWORK_RX);

  2. Include a reference to cybsp_wifi.h.

  3. Call cybsp_wifi_init_primary() to initialize the interface. This needs to be done after having called cybsp_init().


  • APIs for setting up the WHD interface with the BSP’s SDIO interface.

    • Initialize a primary WiFi interface

    • Initialize an optional secondary WiFi interface

    • Cleanup interfaces

  • APIs for connecting WHD to LwIP memory buffers (whd_buffer_funcs_t)

  • Framework for connecting WHD to LwIP network interface (whd_netif_funcs_t)

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