API Reference

The following provides a list of driver API documentation

 Common middleware utilities

 Middleware utilities enumerated types

Cypress middleware APIs return results of type cy_rslt_t and comprise of three parts:

 generic middleware results/error codes

 TCP/IP socket results/error codes

 TLS results/error codes

 Logging utilities

 Logging enumerated types

 Logging data structures

 Logging functions

A logging subsystem that allows run time control for the logging level

 JSON parser utilities

 JSON parser enumerated types

 JSON parser data structures

 JSON parser functions

The JSON parser utility library provides helper functions to parse JSON objects

 Linked list utilities

 Linked list data structures

 Linked list functions

This is a generic linked list library with helper functions to add, insert, delete and find nodes in a list

 Network helper utilities

 Network helper enumerated types

 Network helper data structures

 Network helper functions

This is a collection of network helper functions which would be used by various Cypress Middleware libraries

 String conversion utilities

 String conversion functions

The string utilities module is a collection of string conversion helpers to convert between integer and strings