Getting started with INI

Getting started with INI is easy, hassle-free and secure. To get started, register for a free account. Next, integrate the CIRRENT™ Agent on your device, and onboard your device to CIRRENT™ Cloud. Then, simply sit back and watch the data flow into the CIRRENT™ Console, a secure dashboard that provides deep visibility into the performance of your IoT products both at the fleet level, and at individual device-level.

Steps to configuring INI

Interested in testing INI on your device? You need to complete a few steps to configure INI and to start receiving device analytics:

  • Register for an account on CIRRENT™ Cloud
    Registration is free and you can do so via this link. Registering automatically creates a user profile on CIRRENT™ Cloud, and gives you full access to CIRRENT™ Console.

  • Install the CIRRENT™ Agent on your device
    The instructions to install the CIRRENT™ Agent depends on the operating system on your device:

    * View the general steps for installing the CIRRENT™ Agent on a Linux device
    * View specific steps to configure CIRRENT™ Agent on Raspberry Pi
    * View specific steps for configuring CIRRENT™ Agent using ModusToolbox

    Please contact us on if your device runs RTOS.

  • Onboard your device with CIRRENT™ Cloud
    The CIRRENT™ Cloud facilitates device authentication for your single device or fleet of devices. Every device that sends INI data to the CIRRENT™ Cloud must first complete an onboarding process. See the next section for more details about onboarding.

  • Reviewing your analytics on CIRRENT™ Console
    Once data starts steaming in from CIRRENT™ Agent you will be able to review a range of analytics across all your devices, and drill down into device specific analytics. You can read more about the CIRRENT™ Console here.


Before you get started with INI you must have an active CIRRENT™ Cloud account so that you register your device and access CIRRENT™ Console where you will view your device data. You also need a device that is compatible with the CIRRENT™ Agent – you can view the requirements here.


CIRRENT™ Agent is already pre-installed on a select range of INFINEON products, including INFINEON AIROC™ Wi-Fi.

Onboarding devices into the CIRRENT™ Cloud

Before your device can start to send data to the CIRRENT™ Cloud it must first authenticate itself with the CIRRENT™ Cloud through an onboarding process. You onboard your devices to CIRRENT™ Cloud in one of four ways:

  • During manufacturing you pre-flash temporary device credentials to your device which your device uses when contacting the CIRRENT™ Cloud to request onboarding and a device ID

  • You onboard your devices one by one or in bulk via the API

  • You onboard devices one by one using the CIRRENT™ Wi-Fi onboarding app

  • Onboarding is pre-integrated with your INFINEON chip

Using the CIRRENT™ Wi-Fi onboarding app

Central to the CIRRENT™ product range is the ability to improve the efficiency of Wi-Fi onboarding in IoT devices. CIRRENT™ offers an Android and iOS app that helps you to test Wi-Fi onboarding for your device. Choose from either BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) onboarding, or onboarding via Soft AP.

Both CIRRENT™ Wi-Fi onboarding apps also enable you to easily register a single device with the CIRRENT™ Cloud so that you can analyze the analytics on your device.

To access the Android CIRRENT™ Wi-Fi onboarding app, simply scan the code below:

Dashboard 2

For the iOS edition of the app, scan the following code:

Dashboard 2

If using the iOS you can make use of the in-app walkthrough to smooth the onboarding process.