CIRRENT™ Console for Cloud ID

The CIRRENT™ Console is the web app that you use to make use of CIRRENT™ Cloud ID services. You can read more about the CIRRENT™ Console here, including the ability to add and remove users. In this section we list some points pertinent to Cloud ID users.

User roles for Cloud ID

There are two CIRRENT™ Console roles that pertain to Cloud ID users:

Cloud ID user: Users with this role can only bind devices to their corporate account. This role is typically used for users in a manufacturing facility or warehouse, solely to bind devices for the Product Company that they represent.

Administrator: An administrator can perform all the actions of a Cloud ID user. The administrator role is required to download Manifest Files, to configure APIs and to trigger device provisioning into the API if needed. This is a back-office task that involves advanced Cloud ID skills and access to cloud infrastructure.

Creating a user

Users with the administrator role can create new users and assign either the Cloud ID user role or the Administrator role to that user. To add a user, simply navigate to Account Settings and Users. Click Add User to open the Create User dialog box and complete the requested fields – selecting the correct user role.

Dashboard 2

Administrators can also manage users in the User Management panel, including assigning different roles to users and removing users.

Switching between accounts

Where a specific user has access to more than one Cloud ID account the user can easily switch between accounts while staying logged into CIRRENT™ Cloud ID. Simply navigate to the desired account by using the drop down next to your username at the top right of the CIRRENT™ Console page.

Doing so could be practical where a specific user is responsible for binding devices across more than one Product Company.